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Utah Rep. Jason Chaffetz Destroys Plans of Trump-Hater Bureaucrat (VIDEO)


Rep. Jason Chaffetz will apparently not dig down into President-elect Donald Trump’s past business dealings, including potential business ties with Russia.  He said it would be a “fishing expedition” which is what Democrats want. However, in a Sunday stopover on ABC News’ “This Week,” the Republican from Utah stood firm on his declaration to  investigate a federal ethics official who he thinks was “unethical” in criticizing Trump plans for handling his business interests while president.

This federal ethics official, Walter Shaub Jr., says Trump should divest himself of his businesses completely.  The president-elect does have to hand over control of his company assets to his sons and put a cap on new foreign investments.

Chaffetz, chairman of the House Oversight Committee, has said that Trump is “going to great lengths to be as responsible as possible.”

Chaffetz argued on Sunday that an investigation into Trump is not warrated because as president he will be “exempt from most of these [ethics] laws” and Trump has made the appropriate financial disclosures.

Chaffetz also said…“Until we see something that is actual wrongdoing, we’re probably not going to go on a fishing trip…one of three times he described an investigation into Trump’s business dealings as either a “fishing trip” or “fishing expedition”. “We’re just not going to do that. That’s not what we do in this committee.”

The Democrats are panicking because so many of them will be out on the street looking for jobs that don’t exist. Desperate people do desperate things and boy are they scared.

Trump needs to cut out a lot of useless government offices. He should use that to clean out all the Federal workers who do not respect the office of President. Let them go work in the private sector where they might be required to work.


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