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Congress Getting Ready to Punish ‘Sanctuary Campuses’!

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Well, it looks like these rebellious college campuses that are harboring illegal aliens will finally get their just due.

According to the Washingto Times, Rep. Duncan Hunter, California Republican, introduced legislation this month to do just that, saying Congress should strip schools of billions of dollars in federal financial aid unless they start cooperating with authorities.  Hunter said…“This effort is not about telling colleges who they can and can’t accept for enrollment, but whatever decision they make will either mean they receive federal money or they don’t — it’s that simple.”

The bill backed by Re. Hunter  would essentially force the Department of Homeland Security to maintain a list of sanctuary campuses and provide that information  to the U.S. Education Dept., which could then cancel federal payments for student loans and financial aid…and that would likely cost schools billions of dollars.

The University of California figures it has roughly 2,500 illegal immigrants enrolled on its campuses. Amazingly, California law provides tuition for students who attended high school in the state for three years regardless of their legal standing.

Hunter is right. If an institution declares it will not comply with federal law, it should expect no federal money.




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