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Bill O’Reilly Says ‘All Hell is Going to Break Loose’ in Trump’s First Week!

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Bill O’Reilly said  all of us Americans should look forward to a “wild first week” in Trump’s first week in office.

First step…..White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer said that Trump could sign almost a half dozen executive orders on his first day.  Most of those no doubt to undo the effects of Obama’s USA destroying orders.

O’Reilly talked about those executive actions coming early, and which ones are expected to undo some of the crappy policies of Obama.

Two biggies…

  1. Withdraw from Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP).  This will piss off a few Republicans, but the ones we don’t like much anyway…..Can you say McCain and Graham?
  2. Cancel coal industry killing restrictions and unleash more jobs in the USA.


Although he will likely do something regarding Obamacare and securing the border with Mexico, O’reilly wasn’t sure what that would be at this time.

The attention getter from O’Reilly…..he said, “There is some word from inside the Trump organization that the new president will institute a ‘shock and awe strategy’ and sign a number of far-reaching executive actions to signal that he will shake up Washington………if – and it’s a big if – that happens next week, all hell will break loose, no question about it.”

We at democrat Busters can’t wait to see D.C. shaken to the core.

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