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Uh Oh! Trump Critic Rep. John Lewis May Be in Big Trouble for Not Paying His Fair Share.

lewis in trouble

Trump attacker …Democrat John Lewis failed to pay his property taxes on his posh D.C. townhouseaccording to the investigative report by Got News.  

This crap has been going on in D.C. for years (on both sides of the aisle I’m sure), and it has got to stop.

From Got News:

Trump-hatingDemocratic Georgia congressman John Lewis didn’t pay property taxes on his nearly $1 million fancy Washington, D.C. townhouse on Capitol Hill, despite being in Congress for decades, where the salary for a Representative starts at $174,000 per year.

Lewis was in the news recently for saying he doesn’t see President-elect Donald J. Trump as “a legitimate president” because of the #RussianHackers Democratic conspiracy theory.

Public records show he avoided paying property taxes on his DC townhouse at 219 3rd Street SE on Capitol Hill:

That house at 219 3rd Street SE was worth more than $810,000 in 2012 according to Nexis assessment records. It’s a nice fancy townhouse right next to Congress:

lewis townhome

In 2010, legal action was threatened against Rep. John Lewis for his failure to pay property taxes, as documents exclusively obtained by GotNews show:

And of course if you think he only makes $174k a year, I have some ocean front property in Oklahoma to sell you. Like most of our dear leaders in Washington, he probably has a NET worth in the millions cause  you don’t get that house on $174k a year.

Why does it seem that these hypocrites that criticize everyone else are always the biggest lawbreakers and criminals?

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