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Who is the ‘FORGOTTEN MAN’ in Trump’s Speech Today?

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Mr. Krauthammer has finally come around and given Donald J. Trump the credit he deserves. I figured the media, even FOX wold dismember his speech, but quite the contrary.

Charles Krauthammer thinks President Donald Trump’s inaugural address will be remembered as the most “classically populist speech”  ever given by a U.S. president. (Scroll down for VIDEO)

Krauthammer says that Trump was speaking directly to supporters …. yet promising to be a president for all Americans.

Krathammer said…”I think that will be be remembered as the ‘Forgotten Man Speech”.

He also said  that Trump has assembled a more classical conservative cabinet that will work at tearing down the legacy of Obama.

He said….”The president is not conservative in and of himself. He’s more the populist, speaking against an establishment that’s a bipartisan establishment……but he’s surrounded by a team and has an agenda – one item after another – that is classically conservative.”

Krauthammer ended by saying that Trump’s “America First” platform will have a “huge effect around the world” as it is implemented.

I agree with Mr. K…we finally have someone in Trump who understands the bulk of real American thought, encourages patriotism, and is not captive to political correctness nor to the political establishment. Both parties needed the public embarrassment which he bestowed on them.

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