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CNN Edited The Footage …..You Won’t Believe How Enormous The Inauguration Crowd Really Was!

trump fake news

CNN and other liberal media outlets are at it again.  They are at war with Donald Trump, and lying and distortion are weapons that they will use frequently.

A user honed in on CNN grafting in footage of the cwod before it had swollen to capacity  when the broadcast went live. This made it appear that the  crowd was much less than reality.

See the comparison below.  Firsst pic is CNN’s version, and the 2nd is what you would have seen on the official live feed from FOX or others.

cnn fake photo

actual inaug photo

They just cannot bring themselves to admit that President Trump is a popular fellow.  Oh no!

Unfortunately for CNN and other libs, there are plenty of photos out there that prove CNN wrong and that they tried to distort the crowd at the event!

Is Donald Trump wrong to call CNN “fake news”?   This just goes to prove what he says it true.

What do you think about CNN?  Share this thousands of times to expose CNN for the liars they are!

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