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‘Fake News’ CNN Didn’t Tell Us About THIS Trump Deed on Inauguration Eve. Hmmm!

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A rural Illinois man who worked as a security guard entered the temporary tent near the Lincoln Memorial and gave a yuuuuge hug to the man who would become the most powerful man in the free world the next day.

His name is Shane Bouvet. He is a 23-year-old single dad and was featured in the Washington Post. After Trump posed for photographs with Bouvet, Trump put his hand on Bouvet’s back and told one of his aides “Send him a check for $10,000.”

Bouvet then lost it and started to cry.  After that, there was a few formal goodbyes, and an assistant led Bouvet out of the temproary tent. Bouvet brushed the tears from his eyes as he went back to the large crowd that had gathered for the night’s concert.


The against all odds meeting actually happened after Trump found out about Bouvet through a The Washington Post feature, and was moved by his story. Bouvet spent his spare time working as a volunteer on Trump’s ‘against all odds’ presidential campaign.

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Actions speak louder than words…….more help for the USA  is on the way from our new President Trump.


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