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My Goodness! Everyone Was SHOCKED By the Magical Thing HE Just Did For MELANIA!

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So proud of this President and Vice President. They exude grace and class and clearly love their families. A breath of fresh air and new hope based on their respect of God, the military and our police forces.

This is a magical moment that will certainly go down in US history!  New President Donald Trump and his First Lady Melania Trump just shared their first dance after the inauguration.

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Liberals will need a safe place to to be angry and cry after watching the amazing video you are about to watch. The President and  Melania hit the dance floor to the melody of Frank Sinatra’s “My Way” at the Liberty Ball.  According to TMZ, the song was performed by Ms. Nickie Conley and Mr. Jason Eskridge.

They certainly look elegant don’t they?. God put them here to help the American people. They deserve a chance just like all the others before them, and veryone needs to get behind them!

God Bless America Everyone!  It’s been a long campaign and now it’s time to CELEBRATE!


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