Screw The Protesters!....You Won't Believe Who Came TO D.C. To Support President Trump. - Democrat Busters
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Screw The Protesters!….You Won’t Believe Who Came TO D.C. To Support President Trump.

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You got it! There was only one pro-Trump group that was permitted…and it was these guys.  Thousands of these guys!

Group founder, Chris Cox, says that ‘Bikers for Trump’ will be “a force to be dealt with”, but also adds that they are “not vigilantes” like the liberal media would want people to believe.

Cox. said….”Bikers for Trump does not endorse violence nor do we endorse confrontations with paid protesters at Trump-for-President appearances”


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Apparently, there were no major incidents of violent confrontation between protesters and these patriots!  Makes sense…I wouldn’t want to mess with them either!

A huge thank you to each and every one of them.  I’m sure it was due to their presence that things went smoothly. This is one group who came through all the way and lived up to their promise!!





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