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Trump’s General Flynn Has LOUD Message for Radical Islamists!

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General Flynn is exactly right. All these animals want is to kill everyone who doesn’t believe in islam. These animals need to be sent back to the middle east where they came from !!! You tell them how it’s going to be General we Americans have your back

From CNS

Lt. Gen. (Ret.) Michael T. Flynn, a registered Democrat who has been offered the position of National Security Adviser to President-elect Donald Trump, believes “Islam is a political ideology” that veils itself as a religion, and is unique in that sense because he does not “see a lot of people screaming Jesus Christ with hatchets” or guns “shooting up clubs” or “literally axing families on a train.”

As for Russia and its president, Vladimir Putin, Lt. Gen. Flynn said, “We have to deal with Russia” and “and figure out ways to work with them” particularly because we have more than “5,000 of our own troops there in Iraq trying to fight the rise of ISIS.”

In a speech before the Dallas, Texas chapter of ACT! For America in August, Lt. Gen. Flynn said,  “Islam is a political ideology, it is a political ideology. It definitely hides behind this notion of it being a religion.”

“And I have a very, very tough time because I don’t see a lot of people screaming ‘Jesus Christ’ with hatchets or machetes or rifles shooting up clubs or hatcheting, literally axing families on a train,” said Flynn.

“Or like they just killed a couple of police officers with a machete,” he said.  “I mean, it’s unbelievable.  So we have a problem.”

“It’s like cancer,” said Flynn in reference to radical Islam.  “I’ve gone through cancer in my own life. And so it’s like cancer, and it’s like a malignant cancer, though in this case that has metastasized.”

This is our country you bunch of perverted throwbacks. If we offend you so much get out. We are not in the rathole country you messed up so bad you wanted to run out of. Frankly I don’t care if your offended. Everything about you and your fake religion offends me. Deal with it or get out.

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