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REVEALED: Liberals Want to HIDE This About the Womens Rights March.

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Want to know the truth about the Women’s march in D.C. this past weekend?  Well, here ya go!

D.C. was trashed with leftover signs and debristhat protesters (who apparently DON’T really care about the environment, except when they’re whining on TV or Facebook.

The entire road to the White House was littered, as per this video below…

And then there’s this:

The women’s protesters even went for the Trump International Hotel and it appeared to be like a liberal war zone:

But many other landmarks were also hit. The womens’ protesters showed their true colors, wanting only to mess things up….this when they scattered Thomas Circle with their trash.

They idiots do not care about anything except trying to be on the news for 15 minutes. They showed who they really are, by leaving this mess.  Once again showing no responsibility, they believe they are entitled. Get over it ladies, grow up and be happy you live in a free country, which allowed you to be a slob.


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