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Reporter ATTACKS Ivanka’s Father…..What A Mistake!

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Here’s another story about the main stream media, and their un-abashed bias against President Trump.  Makes you wonder if they even prepare for these interviews.

Ivanka Trump was interviewed in an ABC news segment, and the media tried to pull off a sneak attack on President Trump’s daughter, and by association on President Trump also . BUT…Ivanka adeptly defended her father and silenced the ABC reporter!

The reporter even went after Ivanka’s recent book, “Women who Work,” commenting that it was “ironic” that Donald Trump’s daughter would write something positive for women.

Ivanka is poised, smart and a lady. What a privilege we are to have her in the White House helping with women’s rights.

Here’s the video!


What an AMAZING answer… The ABC reporter is speechless when they hear what Ivanka says to aptly destroy their void arguments.  Ivanka knows her father better than any of us. And let’s not forget Our President put his complete trust and confidence in KellyanneConway , a woman to run his campaign. Just one more of the many lies the libs like to tell!

On top of that… these drone liberal reporters should also take notice that President Trump has appointed to his cabinet more women than any previous President!

But of course, facts are meninglesss to Liberals and Democrats.


Here’s another video showing Ivanka giving glowing praise to her father in regard to womens rights.

I really just admire this young woman for standing up for the truth that will never be acknowledged by the left. She is a great role model for all aspiring young women who will be entering the workforce.

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