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Miley Cyrus: Trump’s an ‘F***ing Nightmare’….Ready to Do the Unthinkable

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Miley Cyrus and many other arrogant celebrities threatened to leave the country so they wouldn’t have to live under President Trump.

According to  reports, some famous female faces who can’t stomach the idea of a Trump running the USA include Amy Schumer, Cher, and Lena Dunham.

Amy Schumer for instance, said she would leave for Spain if Trump became President, while Cher proclaimed that she would actually leave the globe for the planet Jupiter. That’s no surprise, since Cher’s mind has been on another planet for sometime now.

Lena Dunham and Neve Campbell figured they would stay somewhat closer to Hollywood by going to Canada instead, while Miley Cyrus didn’t really know where she would go. She says….“We’re all just f**king jam between his rich a*s toes!”   She also said….“Honestly f**k this s**t, I am moving if this is my president! I don’t say things I don’t mean!).”

And Miley Cyrus’ latest Instagram post about Donald Trump, which is a screenshot of him getting booed at a voter polling station, has been overwhelmed with thousands of comments from Trump voters who want Miley to get out of America.

Some examples:
I hope you are packed! do us a favor and don’t come back, please,” @udjlopez wrote. “You are a bad image to little girls, real talk. You might consider going to Saudi Arabia is a nice place to live and you might like it.

Go and move out! Puppet of the media!!” @peaksteam demanded.
Now u need to get moving like you said you would u filthy [email protected],” @dannycats_mom wrote.
“If I say you would be missed that would make me a bigger liar than Hillary! Pack up your clown couture and get going!” @anniewolfe303 commented.

Miley has made it clear that she wants NOTHING to do with Donald as Prez.

She has made many posts about how dangerous she thinks he is, and offensive she believes him to be (even calling him a “f*cking nightmare”), but her hatred for him reached it’s zenith when she posted that she would “move out da country” if he won.

I say …see ya!

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