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BREAKING: New Proposal to Open Investigation of Obama for Treason!

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Barack Obama is long gone from the White House, but he’s not really ready to stop fighting to protect his insane policies.  He’s been back in D.C. for weeks now trying to undermine the progress of President Trump.

According to various reports, Dana Boente, who was interim  Attorney General until Jeff Sessions was green lighted by the Senate, has just proposed Obama be charged with treason for his recent behavior.

Boente made the case that Obama did several illegal things while still  in office—and even said that he has become even more of a criminal since leaving office.

Boente has been a spur in the saddle of Obama for years.  As US District Attorney for the Eastern District of Virginia, he was the next in line for Attorney General until Obama signed an executive order taht essentially eliminated him from consideration.  Trump’s election changed all of that.

What do you think of Boente’s proposal?

I think the alleged wiretaps of Trump tower are just the tip of the iceberg for what Obama and his administration are responsible for.

The sooner an investigation is opened, the less illegal acts the Dems will be able to hide.

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