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Muslims Tell Texas Pig Farmer to Move for New Mosque. His Response is Classic!

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Very recently, a group of Muslims purchased a tract of land to build a new mosque.  One problem however!  Unfortunately for them, they did not realize that their next door neighbor is a Texas pig farmer.

So, instead of going about their Muslim business and starting construction, they actually had the gall to ask farmer Craig Baker to move.

Of course Muslims view pork as unclean, and is notorious in their hatred of pigs. They are not allowed to eat pig meat in any form.

So, in order to  “cleanse the land” the new Muslim property owner asked the pig farmer neighbor to pack up and move.

Now, Mr. Baker did not take that lying down. Instead of vacating the premises, he made the decision to respond in a very unique way.

He came up with the idea to have pig races, squealing and all, every afternoon during his Muslim neighbor’s prayer time. 

Gotta love those cute little pigs!

Check out this video….

Now, this is what I’m talking about.  These folks must learn to respect American culture if they want to be here.

Now, it’s time for a BBQ sammy.

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