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Pelosi’s Insider Stock Trades Uncovered by ’60 Minutes’

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Nancy Pelosi is now a confirmed crook…a verified criminal.  All doubts can now be put to rest!

It is being reported that Nancy Pelosi has a current net worth of $196 million dollars, and yet she only makes 193k per year as a Congresswoman. Also being reported is that she got rich through a DESPICABLE insider trading SCAM.

Pelosi purchased $5 million of Visa stock in one of the most sought-after IPO’s in American history, then she fought comprehensive credit card reform for two years. What resulted was that her investment skyrocket 203%.This is what we call FELONY INSIDER TRADING, and it is punishable by up to 20 years in prison.

If you still don’t believe that this is true, consider that Pelosi also owns several multi-million dollar houses. When in D.C., she  lives in a multi million-dollar Georgetown condo, she owns 16-acre vineyard in Napa Valley, and also a 3,700 square-foot house in San Francisco’s Pacific Heights.

Now, according to the disclosures in May 2015, she is placed in the top one-tenth of the 1 percent of Americans.  That’s OK, but….

How it is possible for her to own all of that and be in the top 1% of Americans with only $193,000 salary. The logic doesn’t quite work.

She has clearly used her public office to make herself wealthy, and that is the kind of crap that President Trump was referring to when he said he wanted to DRAIN the SWAMP.

These crooked politicians that are abusing their power need to be shown the door, the door to PRISON!

Please Share this story if you would like to see Pelosi kicked out of congress and into Prison!

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