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Obama ATTACKS Trump For Paris Accord Pullout, Trump IMMEDIATELY Unleashes His Secret Weapon!

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Applause broke out in mass as President Trump announced that he was getting the heck out of the Paris Climate Accord. The idiotic climate deal was going to cost the U.S. over $3 trillion….yes, that’s TRILLION!

Trump made a choice to represent the American citizen and workers against the globalists and liberal elitists. Scroll down to see a video of the new President of France and his crazy response. Then see Trump’s secret weapon below.

So, Trump pulls out his secret weapon to battle the globalist elites, and has sided with the American people.

Ex-president Obama of course agrees with the young naive foreign leader from France. His  statement is below. You would guess that Barack Obama would not be very happy to see his legacy unraveling as Trump decimates it from top to bottom.

Obama used his power as president to join the Paris Accord without a vote. Trump can use the same power to quit it.

The citizens of this country are more than happy that we finally have a President that represents us. Look at his speech below…it’s pretty clear who he cares about.

NOW…Trump’s secret weapon IS that he fights for the American people, and representing their values.

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Typical Crap by a Liberal Below…

Great Speech by TRUMP!

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