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NEW Emails Show Hillary’s Scheming And Corruption Went Further Than We Thought!


A lot has changed over the first six months of President Donald trump’s administration, but one thing hasn’t changed: Hillary Clinton’s emails are still leaking, and new evidence of the her campaign’s corruption is still coming to light.

The latest emails released are between Clinton and Huma Abedin, one of her top aides during the 2016 presidential campaign, and they appear to not only corroborate accusations regarding Clinton’s brazen mishandling of classified information but also shed light on the Democratic candidate’s “pay-to-play” schemes with top donors to her infamous Clinton Foundation.

The emails, which provide an insight into Clinton’s private communications with her staff, were released by Judicial Watch, a government watchdog group. The emails include plenty of details and examples of Clinton violating protocol in her mishandling of classified data.

A statement from Judicial Watch lays into Clinton for the laziness of her team in discussing sensitive information via unsecure, open lines of communication.

According to the statement, Clinton was recorded saying that she and Abedin had “tried twice to go secure and lost both calls.”

“We finally gave up and talked in code nonsecure (sic),” Clinton goes on to say, admitting to using “nonsecure” means of communicating sensitive information.

Emails between Clinton and her top Clinton Foundation donors also show the kinds of favors donors requested of the candidate after her inevitable victory in the 2016 election.

Judicial Watch said in their statement that a “Puerto Rican telecom executive” who donated $1 million to Clinton made a specific request regarding the appointment of the next U.S. ambassador to the Dominican Republic.

That same executive was also a member of the Clinton Global Initiative, and he made his request to Abedin through the Clinton Foundation.

Tom Fitton, the president of Judicial Watch, is now calling on the Justice Department to reopen Clinton’s investigation in light of the newest evidence.

Fitton said that “these new emails” would demonstrate “why the criminal investigation into Hillary Clinton’s conduct must be resumed.”

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