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ABSURDITY: Liberal Media Says Trump Is “Bullying” Violent Gang


It seems the mainstream media will stop at nothing to oppose President Donald Trump at every turn, but this time they may have gone too far.

President Trump gave a speech in Long Island Friday to speak out against transnational gang MS-13, a particularly brutal criminal organization with a history of using machetes against their victims.

Despite the fact that this gang is responsible for countless gruesome murders, even against their own families, the mainstream media couldn’t help but take yet another pointless, hypocritical stance against the president.

This time they tried to paint the despicable gang MS-13 as sympathetic victims after Trump lashed out against them.

Even ABC’s This Week reported that President Trump was “bullying” the gang, and CNN’s Margaret Hoover accused the president of “feeding” white nationalism by targeting the Hispanic group.

CNN even interviewed members of MS-13 who blamed President Trump for the gang’s rise. Recent reports say the gang has grown over the past two years – never mind the fact that Trump has been president for only six months.

Long Island police seemed to take the president’s message to heart, however, vowing to crack down harder than ever on criminal organizations like MS-13. Local reports show that residents were more than happy about the police’s latest crackdown against the gangs that have terrorized their neighborhoods for years.

And they aren’t buying the media’s narrative that somehow these gang members and murderers are the victims.

Liberal news outlets are dead set on opposing President Trump at every step, even when his target is a murderous transnational gang.

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