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Bachmann Says THIS About Trump: Liberals Have Become UNHINGED!


Former U.S. Representative and presidential candidate Michele Bachmann has done it again, leaving liberals incensed after her impassioned defense of President Donald Trump.

Bachmann, never one to shy away from putting liberals in their place, seems to have kept her edge from the campaign trail, invoking her religion in a remarkable defense of the president.

“The president himself is a man of prayer and a man who loves to receive prayer,” Bachmann said. According to her, President Trump “understands who the God of the Bible is,” and he works to “lift up the God of the Bible here in the United States.”

But Bachmann was just getting started, and what she said next seems to have really pushed Nancy Pelosi over the edge.

“The Lord is working mightily in our government,” Bachmann went on. “I believe it is because God is being referenced, God is being lifted up.”

“Prayer is not foreign in the White House,” she said, adding that religion permeates the Executive Office Building.

Trump, Bachmann said, is “unashamed in standing up for increasing an awareness of God in the United States.”

She added that not only does President Trump recognize the importance of religion as “a basis of Western civilization,” but that she “could not be more happy” with the president’s willingness to embrace Christianity for the sake of our great country.

“This is beyond my wildest expectations.”

President Trump has done much to preserve God’s place in the United States.

“This president is very bold about the need for God in our country,” Bachmann said.

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