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Viral Meme Has Liberals PISSED, Shows True Face Of Single Payer Healthcare


The years of healthcare debate in the United States has left one thing for certain: Whatever the liberals say about their failing healthcare policies, single-payer healthcare is and always has been their endgame.

Of course if you tell them that, they throw up their arms, call foul for misinterpreting their intentions and swear their loyalty to the free market. They’ll always stop short of outright criticizing single-payer systems, however.

Single-payer is not what we’re gunning for, they’ll say, but not that there’s anything wrong with single-payer systems… After all, it’s free!

Christopher Hitchens, the late British polemicist, may have said it best: “Perhaps you notice how the denial is so often the preface to the justification.”

One sobering meme has gone viral on the internet, and it poignantly summarizes the current debate on American healthcare.

The meme focuses on Charlie Gard, an infant whose life and death lead to headlines about how the government mismanagement can lead to terrible – even tragic – ends.


The baby’s healthcare was controlled almost entirely by the courts, even though the parents put forward the money to treat their child properly with experimental treatment.

The window for treatment passed, however, and Charlie Gard was taken off of life support.

Liberals have been conspicuously quiet throughout the developments.

Charlie Gard’s story is only one of many indictments against the single-payer system in the United Kingdom, and The Daily Wire reports that hospitals around the U.K. are even starting to delay surgeries for obese people and smokers for more than a year, leaving them to suffer at the government’s mercy.

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