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WATCH: Nancy Pelosi Humiliated After Inappropriate Laughing Fit. She Clearly Has No Idea What She Is Talking About


While President Donald Trump’s administration is gearing up for the potentially nuclear culmination of a decades-old standoff with North Korea, Democrats appear finally ready to take the threat from Pyongyang seriously.

Only weeks ago House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi laughed off questions about North Korea’s nuclear capabilities after the communist regime launched yet another missile test. That test saw the isolated country launch its first ICBM, or intercontinental ballistic missile.

Pelosi, unmoved, laughed uncontrollably, which makes her response to President Trump’s latest hardline against North Korea particularly baffling. She called the president’s bold comments “impulsive” and “recklessly belligerent,” clearly forgetting her own nonchalant attitude toward the standoff only weeks ago. She clearly doesn’t know what she’s talking about.

The somewhat crazy and highly inappropriate laughs came during a weekly press conference in early July after the Democratic lawmaker was asked to comment on the North Korean regime’s first successful launch of an ICBM – a rocket potentially capable of hitting her home state of California.

Instead of addressing the problem for what it is, Pelosi laughed uncontrollably and barely managed to provide an answer.

“Well, let me just say that I’m one of the few members of Congress who’s been to Pyongyang, to the capital,” she said, adding that some members also went but that they only made it to the border.

It’s good to see Pelosi is now taking the threat seriously – if only for political gain – but it doesn’t excuse the fact that only weeks ago she couldn’t help but laugh off the incredibly serious threat to the United States.

Only days ago North Korea threatened an attack on Guam.

“The president’s most recent comments are recklessly belligerent and demonstrate a grave lack of appreciation for the severity of the North Korean nuclear situation,” she said.

“His saber-rattling and provocative, impulsive rhetoric erode our credibility and weaken our ability to reach a peaceful resolution to this crisis, and must immediately end.”

Wow. Watch Pelosi’s completely inappropriate reaction to North Korea’s previous missile test below.

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