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NBC Reporter Gets Cocky, Sarah Huckabee DESTROYS Her

The White House’s press briefings under President Donald Trump’s administration have been a far cry from those of the previous administration.

Under a democratic president, the press drank up whatever statements they were fed; under President Trump, however, members of the press try at every chance to make a name for themselves standing up to the current Republican administration.

One reporter seems to be regretting her decision to try to grill White House spokeswoman Sarah Huckabee-Sanders.

Hallie Jackson with NBC tried to call out Huckabee-Sanders and grill her about a tweet sent out by the president that slammed Joe Scarborough and Mika Mrzezinski, hosts of Morning Joe, for being anti-Trump.

Trying to take some sort of dramatic moral high ground, Jackson asked Huckabee-Sanders how she would explain the president’s tweets to her children. Huckabee-Sanders’ mic-drop response may keep that reporter from trying any more funny business in the future.

Huckabee-Sanders told the reporter that the only role model for herself and her children is Almighty God, adding that no human is perfect. It’s become increasingly rare for any members of a White House administration to invoke their faith in an official capacity, and Huckabee-Sanders’ strong statement left the room silent.

When another reporter asked whether or not the president’s tweets would affect Senate’s vote on his healthcare bill, Huckabee-Sanders pointed out that it’s not the president nor Congress but the media that is obsessing over President Trump’s tweets.

She added that his tweets about healthcare, tax reform and other important issues are often ignored.

Watch Huckabee-Sanders put this reporter in her place below.

Sarah Huckabee Destroys Reporter from Political Videos on Vimeo.

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