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California Secessionists: ‘We’re NOT The United States’


When the word “secession” arises, most people think of the Revolutionary War or the great state of Texas, but now liberal elitists in California are the ones thinking they’re just too good for the rest of us.

Fox News’ Tucker Carlson spoke with a leader in the CalExit movement who said that in terms of culture and values, California simply doesn’t belong in the United States anymore.

“This is California, we’re not the United States,” said vice president of the California Freedom Coalition Shankar Singram. “Our values are different.”

Singram went on to say that Californians are “fundamentally different” in how they “act and speak and think about the world globally – whether it has to do with war, the climate, the environment.”

“We’re just a different state,” he said. “We’re going to do things that are beneficial for our state,” adding that Californians will “disregard what the United States thinks or even their laws.”

Singram proudly referenced the state’s relaxed laws on marijuana and sanctuary cities which host thousands of illegal immigrants as examples of California’s defiance of the federal government.

Amazingly, even California’s attorney general Xavier Becerra is willing to entertain the ridiculous notion of CalExit. Becerra released a ballot measure just last week that would allow the secessionists to begin gathering support.

A total of 585,000 signatures are required for the group to get secession on the ballot for residents to vote on in 2018.

According to the Associated Press, the California Autonomy From Federal Government initiative “would form a commission to recommend avenues for California to pursue its independence” as well as “delete part of the state constitution” to make it separable from the United States as a whole.

AP also reported that such a measure would push the governor and the California congressional delegation to “negotiate more autonomy for the state.”

Carlson was quick to point out that however Californians may feel about the United States, it cannot unilaterally choose to separate without the approval of the rest of the country.

Some states might be more than happy to see California go!

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