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Deportations and Removal Orders Have Shown Phenomenal Rise Under Trump


President Donald Trump made big promises on the campaign trail to crack down on illegal immigration in the United States. It’s not only about keep them out either – it’s also about removing those currently living here.

And boy, has he kept his word.

According to the Department of Justice’s Executive Office of Immigration Review, the first six months of President Trump’s administration saw removal orders for illegal immigrants rise a whopping 28 percent.

At the same time, the totally number of actual removals and voluntary departures rose 30 percent.

The DOJ’s Office of Immigration recorded just under 50,000 total orders of removal, compared the 39,000 issued during the same time span last year.

The DOJ rightfully credited the boost to President Trump’s executive order for Border Security and Immigration Enforcement Improvement, which granted the Department of Homeland Security more than 100 existing immigration judges to mobilize to detention facilities around the country.

According to their website, the DOJ reports that “over 90 percent of these cases have resulted in orders requiring aliens to depart or be removed from the United States.”

“The Justice Department has also hired 54 additional immigration judges since President Trump took office,” the DOJ said on its website, adding that the DOJ “continues to hire new immigration judges each month.”

President Trump also made a point of calling on the DOJ to revamp its “internal practices, procedures and technology” to enhance productivity and streamline the immigration system “without compromising due process.”

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