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ISIS: Pope Is A High Target. It’s Just A Matter Of Time


The Trump Administration has dramatically increased attacks on the Islamic State, quadrupling the number of airstrikes, and helping those fighting ISIS on the ground. As reported by The Washington Post, a third of all territory that ISIS has lost was taken in the first six months of Donald Trump’s presidency.

The Post quotes Brett McGurk, who is the State Department’s senior envoy to the anti-ISIS coalition, who stated that the “steps President Trump has taken, including delegating decision-making authority down from the White House to commanders in the field, have ‘dramatically accelerated’ gains against the militants.” Most importantly, the group has lost control of their de-facto capitols in Syria and Iraq.

The creation of a Caliphate is a huge allure for young jihadists to ISIS, so it’s a possibility that destroying the terror group’s territorial claims will significantly slow down recruitment.

For now, however, as ISIS struggles to keep its remaining territorial claims, they’re actually making even more enemies. Now the Islamic Caliphate is targeting a much bigger enemy in the Catholic Church.

Pope Francis’ top aide said a propaganda video released by Islamic State group militants in the Philippines threatening the pontiff is worrying but notes Vatican security was already at a high level.

Secretary of State Cardinal Pietro Parolin, the Holy See’s No. 2 official, said he has seen the video of militants desecrating Christian statues and threatening the pope by saying they’ll come to Rome, as they tear in half photos of him and his predecessor, Pope Benedict XVI.

The video was mostly filmed in the Philippines, where ISIS has been clashing with government forces for control of the city of Marawi, MailOnlinereported. Parolin said: “Obviously, one cannot help but worry, above all for the senseless hatred that it is.” But he said the Vatican has not added more measures to its already bolstered security.

In the video, aimed at attacking Christianity, a narrator celebrates “the truthful soldiers of Mohammed” who are fighting in Asia. It shows them setting a church on fire. The video also features ISIS militants wrecking decorations in a church, including statues of Jesus, Mary and St. Joseph. “Remember this, you kuffar, we will be in Rome, we will be in Rome, inshallah,” a supposed terrorist named “Abu Jindal” says to the camera.

‘We will be in Rome’: ISIS threatens Pope Francis in new video and destroys statue of Jesus

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The Pope’s Swiss guards state that it’s “only a matter of time” before they must face an ISIS attack. Let’s hope that if an attack happens, these crazy jihadists will be sent straight to hell.

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