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CAUGHT! YouTube Censoring Popular Pro-Trump Singers!


While singer Joy Villa made a powerful statement earlier in 2017 in a MAGA dress at the Grammys, she now says her voice is being silenced by YouTube.

The singer, who exploded onto the red carpet event in February in stylish a Donald Trump-themed dress, says her song “Make America Great Again” was removed by YouTube.

The song, which doesn’t have any references to President Trump, was released on the 4th of July as a “love song for America,” Villa said. But after just a few weeks on the site, the video was removed according to a tweet by the 26 year-old.

However, an hour later, Villa posted her video to YouTube again and tweeted that she wouldn’t be silenced.

She also tweeted the warning letter she got from YouTube regarding a complaint that had been filed, which gae Villa 48 hours to alter her video or face having it removed again.

Villa replied that she had written consent from all the people in the video.

But in the letter, YouTube claimed “we cannot accept or review agreements granting consent before the video was uploaded.”

Villa said that although the complaint was previously “nameless,” YouTube later sent a time stamp with a woman’s face which supposedly had violated the video-sharing site’s policy.

“I personally shot each beautiful American in my video and received written and verbal consent from everyone, and they all knew what the project was,” Villa told The Blaze. “The video’s been up for a few weeks, yet no one said anything until now.”

Villa said that despite a continual rise in her subscriber count, her views have plummeted from about 20,000 per week to 2,000 per week and her subscribers have told her that they don’t see her videos in their feeds anymore.

The singer also mentioned that singer and fellow Trump supporter Kaya Jones had many views for her song, “What the Heart Don’t Know,” taken away by YouTube, dropping from 60,000 to 53,000.

Jones, once a Pussycat Dolls member, also went on Twitter to criticize YouTube for censoring her views while promoting pop star Katy Perry.


“We have joined together in fighting this censorship because we know we are the only voice pro-American artists out there, and this is not a coincidence,” Villa informed TheBlaze. “Katy Perry’s video has been pushed to the top of each search for Kaya’s videos, even though Perry’s videos have nothing to do with hers.”

“YouTube is censoring Pro America artists,” she added.

Check out Villa’s “Make America Great Again” video below and support freedom of speech!

Make America Great Again! Joy Villa (Official Music Video)

Released July 4th: Purchase this song and support independent music: Amazon: or iTunes: Join #JoyTribe! Joy Villa’s Make America Great Again! was written by herself, Norman Kerner, and George Gesner, right after her 2017 Grammy’s appearance in which she wore a dress with the President’s same slogan, and her last album “I Make The Static” reached #12 on Billboard and #1 on iTunes and Amazon.

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