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WATCH: CNN Takes A Beating For Exploiting Houston

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Flood Survivor Goes off on CNN Cameras

A Houston flood survivor lashes out at CNN cameras inside a shelter.


On Tuesday during CNN’s coverage Hurricane Harvey-induced flooding in Houston, one survivor got upset about the network’s insensitive decision to broadcast in the shelter. The following is a partial transcript of the coverage.

REPORTER: Let me introduces to Danielle here. You just arrived. Share with us how you were rescued.

DANIELLE: Some guys had called our phone and asked where we were. We were waiting for police for, like, 36 hours and they never came. We were waiting at the home. We did the white flag and everything. Nobody came. But then somebody called the phone after we decided to leave the house. We walked to the gas station with the kids, and they picked up us. We had been there five days with no food, no lights, and nobody came. Like, nobody came.

REPORTER: You’re with your children. We heard stories of mothers trying to save their children from the rushing waters. Can you tell us how that was for you?

DANIELLE: We walked through four feet of water to get them food on the first day. Yeah, that’s a lot of shit. But you all are sitting here trying to interview people through their worst time. Like that’s not the smartest thing to do.

Like people are really breaking down, and you are all sitting here with cameras and microphones trying to ask us what the fuck is wrong with us. And you really trying to understand with the microphone still in my face with me shivering cold, with my kids wet and you are still putting a microphone in my face.

REPORTER: Sorry, sorry.

HOST JIM ACOSTA: It sounds like you’ve got a very upset family there. We’re going to take a break from that, and we’ll get back to you.

The internet is roaring about this right now. Many are questioning CNN’s motives for it’s coverage of the Houston disaster. The anti-trump and extreme liberal news(ish) outlet is suffering after it has been exposed as nothing more than a liberal fake news pusher with a political agenda bent on destroying President Trump and the Americans who voted for him. As you can see, people now react accordingly to the fallen news giant.

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