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Trump-Haters Despise Sarah Sanders’ Message On Her Hat As She Arrives In Texas


Even though President Donald Trump is doing everything he can to help those hurt by the flooding in Texas from Hurricane Harvey, he continues to be criticized by the left. Unfortunately for them, things just got worse as White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders just got to Texas — and now, every single Trump-hater is whining and crying over the special message on her hat.

It’s become obvious that liberals will be against President Donald Trump no matter what, and the flooding in Texas is proving just that. In fact, many people have recently been wondering whether Trump could cause Democrats to disavow their own party’s ideas simply by claiming he supports them, because if Trump says it, likes it, does it, or approves of it, the left hates it, no matter what it is!

Right now, they’re whining that he went to Texas “too early” to support Hurricane Harvey’s victims, but in a few days they would have been complaining that he has no interest in dead Americans in Texas and that he visited “too late.” Trump can’t win with those wacky liberals, and the phrase “Damned if you do, damned if you don’t,” certainly comes to mind. Trump-haters even complained about First Lady Melania Trump wearing high heels on her way to Houston, only to ignore the fact that she changed into sneakers upon landing.

The message on Sanders’ hat is simple: “Make America Texas.”  What is so bad about that? Texas welcomed President Trump and his team with open arms by Texans who have thanked and appreciated the time and attention of the President. I wonder what would have happened if this was some liberal city like Los Angeles. Can you imagine the reaction there? Those people would have spit in the face of any conservative who would lend a helping hand, and especially our President.

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