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ARRESTED! FBI Snags Major Hacker From A Country That Backed Clinton Heavily!


The largest office in the world which handles the records of 22 million people is a vital part of the United States government. Not surprisingly, the Office of Personnel Management is the biggest because our government has grown faster than a Russian athlete on steroids. This is why a data breach of over 18 million people’s personal information, all working for the US government, was so evil.

Since 2016 when this breach happened, the FBI has discovered that Chinese hackers infiltrated the system’s network of information by using a specific type of malware. The malware would enable the hacker to embed spyware programs into the operating system of the host computers that would then be a transmitter to the outside world, sending out information that would usually be blocked or hidden.

The FBI has just arrested a man known as GoldSun who was implicated in the gigantic OPM data breach last year. Yu Pingan, a 36-year-old from Shanghai, China, was coming into the US and was detained. Pingan will be charged with conspiring to commit fraud against the United States!

Court documents say Yu and co-conspirators were trying to “establish an infrastructure of domain names, IP addresses, accounts with Internet service providers, and web sites to facilitate hacks.” By utilizing this infrastructure they planned to “surreptitiously install or attempt to install files and programs on the computer networks of companies in the United States and elsewhere.”

Many months after the breach was found the Chinese government said it arrested a few hackers supposedly connected to the OPM infiltration. If Yu was a part of that attack it could become more clear that he is being indicted for other incidents. With all the Chinese donors that Al Gore and the crooked Clintons entertained over the years, it is pretty suspicious that not a single Fake News outlet is giving this the attention it deserves.

Some company was hired by the DNC to compile an opposition research dossier on Trump and Russia and the liberal media ran with that story for almost a year without any evidence. Yet, here we have a legitimate scandal and crime where the Chinese are doing whatever they want to our OPM while the Clintons enjoyed donations from them, and what is it we hear from the Fake News liberal media? Crickets. Perhaps, they’re Chinese crickets…

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