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POLL: Americans DEMAND The Wall, Even If It Leads To THIS!


A Morning Consult/Politico poll published Wednesday showed that most Republican voters support a federal government shutdown if it meant Trump could deliver his signature promise of a wall on the southern border.

The poll shows 51 percent of Republicans supported forcing a shutdown to pay for the wall, with 26 percent of those in strong favor of that tactic. For all voters the corresponding results were 28 and 14 percent respectively, reflecting stubborn opposition from Democrats and independent voters.

Among “Tea Party Supporters” there was even more acceptance of the idea of a shutdown to put up a wall, with 55 percent partially or strongly in support. However, only 45 percent of  “Conservatives,” were similarly on board.

Republicans were united with many Americans in expressing general concern about a shutdown, with 72 percent of GOP voters stating they were moderately or very concerned with the potential for a shutdown.

Morning Consult quoted Speaker of the House Paul Ryan (R-WI) as being against any such shutdown. “I don’t think a government shutdown is necessary, and I don’t think most people want to see a government shutdown, ourselves included,” Ryan stated this month.

The same poll reports that popular support for Ryan’s leadership is 38 percent for all voters and 62 percent for Republicans, of whom merely 19 percent strongly support the House Speaker. Tea Party supporters and Conservatives were less happy about him than the party was overall, with only 57 and 54 percent of each group supporting Ryan.

Republican support for the wall in general remains strong, with 39 percent referring to it as a “top priority” and another 30 percent stating it is an “important, but lower” one. A miniscule 12 percent of Republican voters oppose the wall.

Even for the population at large, those against the wall are firmly in the minority, with merely 38 percent of respondents saying building the Mexican border wall “should not be done.” Thirty-nine percent, however, called building the wall a top or high priority, and an another 16 percent said it was “not too important a priority.”

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