It is a possibility that Comey drafted a statement that was meant for public release at a future time, but didn’t decide to give an on-camera statement until the tarmac meeting.

In his July 2016 announcement, Comey called Clinton’s email procedures “extremely careless” though he chose not to recommend criminal charges.

The new claims have, at least, revived interest among Clinton’s critics in looking back at certain aspects of the case.

In July, nearly two-dozen House Judiciary Committee Republicans asked the Trump Justice Department to name a new special counsel – alongside the Robert Mueller team investigating allegations of Russia-Trump team collusion – to look into 2016 controversies involving Clinton and the Obama administration. This included some aspects of the FBI and DOJ’s email investigation.

A House Judiciary Committee aide informed Fox News on Friday that the panel will be following up with the Justice Department, “and we expect the request for a second special counsel to be renewed.”

When asked about the request, a Justice Department official stated Friday, “We have received the letter.”

Earlier this week, the FBI refused to turn over files related to its Clinton email investigation by claiming there was a lack of public concern about the issue. The argument was written in a Freedom of Information Act records request.