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BREAKING: Hillary’s Treasonous Relationship With George Soros Just Uncovered In Huma Abedin’s Emails


If people would do some research and open their eyes they’d know how treasonous Hillary Clinton and the Obama administration have been. With Soros in charge behind the scenes, we’ve experienced more racial divide and violence. Soros placed both Hillary and Obama in power by paying these puppets well. Neither of them have any interest in protecting Americans.

That’s why all I can say is that we are so glad Hillary is not in the White House. Imagine what might have happened to our beautiful country if that horrible woman had won the presidential election!

Now, new emails revealed by Wikileaks show that Hillary Clinton’s relationship with George Soros was much more frequent and personal that any of us thought.

In an email from Clinton’s aide Huma Abedin that was sent to campaign manager Robby Mook and campaign CEO John Podesta, it’s clear that Hillary intended to wine and dine with globalist George Soros.

Then, immediately after, Huma brings up Soros’ interest in getting Hillary involved with a new political group named America Votes — and he wanted Clinton to fund raise for them.

Is anyone really caught off guard by this? This is nothing new. George Soros supported Hillary in the campaign, financed Obama’s campaign and gave money to the Clinton Foundation. They’re all traitors of the worst kind; people devoid of morality and love who are bent on destroying American for their own gain.

Soros is not done yet. He’s the prime financier of the current anti-Trump Democrats around major US cities. We can’t let down our guard.

This is nothing new and you won’t hear about it in the liberal mainstream media. He has bought them out too.

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