BRЕAKING: Muеllеr Proves Major Political Bias. Bustеd Colluding With Powеrful Dеmocrаt. - Democrat Busters
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BRЕAKING: Muеllеr Proves Major Political Bias. Bustеd Colluding With Powеrful Dеmocrаt.


President Trump has been criticized recently for allegedly colluding with the Russian government, or being a racist, or whatever crazy nonsense the left conceives despite lack of evidence. However, things are now taking a very serious turn as Special Counsel Robert Mueller teams up with another powerful Democrat.

According to Fox NewsMueller has linked up with one of Trump’s biggest enemies — New York’s Democrat Attorney General, Eric Schneiderman. This turn of events could cripple the President’s pardoning powers. Schneiderman and Mueller have been discussing things for the past few weeks and sharing “evidence” with each another. Schneiderman is an enemy of our great president–both political and otherwise.

The notion that he would be involved with the Special Counsel because of his biases is questionable at best. They’ve both been vocal critics of each other for many years.

In fact, Schneiderman has a long history of not only being very harsh on the President, but has sued or threatened to sue him on many occasions. Most recently, he won a $25 million settlement versus Trump University.

President Trump has made clear on multiple occasions his dislike for the New York Attorney General. In tweets going back to 2013, Trump has called Schneiderman a “lightweight” who works as a “shakedown artist.”

It was reported that Mueller and Schneidman are working as a team to try and scrutinize former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort, including all of his financial transactions. This makes one wonder what, exactly, they are searching for in those financial records.

When this was written, both the Special Counsel’s office and the New York Attorney General’s office still wouldn’t comment publicly on the fact that the two even met. Why should it be that big of a secret if Trump is wrong and this isn’t some “witch hunt?”

This is not the first questionable individual working with the Special Counsel, either. As reported by Fox News, out of the 15 attorneys that Robert Mueller assigned for this investigation, seven have given money to the Clinton Foundation or helped Clinton’s campaign to some degree.

The rest of the attorneys have no association with Trump and haven’t made donations, approved of him, or anything else that would suggest even the slightest bias. This event appears to be a one sided affair, no doubt. As of right now, it is hard to forecast the fate that the Special Counsel will create for the rest of the American people. It would certainly seem that this must be watched carefully. Like for magicians, slight of hand is everything, and it could cost us everything.

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