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“The View” Poised For Cancellation. Aggressively Lobs Sexual Insults To President and Melania Trump


Everyone knows that “The View” is not the go-to source for meaningful conversations and arguments with the proper ground to stand on. Nevertheless, this time the speculating and insinuating hosts took a shot in the deep deep dark, which will most likely cost them their time on air. The anchors of the show, specifically Joy Behar, vigorously hypothesized with no evidence whatsoever about the President Trump’s personal life and agenda. ”We’ll all see soon, it’s going to all be over” as if predicting her own future on television, said Behar, surmising that the President has “lost it”. Furthermore, she hatefully gossiped with her co-hosts, like a bunch of young spoiled schoolgirls, about what was happening behind closed doors in Donald’s and Melania’s household. Proclaiming with no footing that President Trump had always wanted the position because of the fame and the attention it would bring, though he was never ready for the actual burden. Moreover, the View’s “Oracle” also foresaw that there was no intimacy left between the President and his wife, which was the reason for him being so edgy and not being able sleep at night.

Throughout this short segment, the band of peeping toms abhorrently discussed everything which is going on in the life of the first couple, it seems, shamelessly the giving commander-in-chief and his wife names as a channel for their own sexual deprivation.

The View hosts speculate Trump has dementia, isn’t getting sex right now

Uploaded by Washington Free Beacon on 2017-06-02.

Being in its 10th year, the show has been going steadily downhill and if there is at any point a “crash and burn” moment, this is it. With no more real intelligence left on the anchor panel, it might be high time to put it out of its own misery and make way for a better program with proper and meaningful ideas behind it.

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