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Another Video of a Trump Hater Getting Humiliated Goes Viral


Viral videos are setting the trends nowadays and Tucker Carlson made one last night by responding to an MSNBC Reporter (as well as to other reporters) by simply demolishing the claim that Donald Trump is racist because of ending President Obama’s DACA act for illegal immigrants.

Just like any self-respecting media, the liberal ones went crazy over the President’s ban of DACA and went on to state that Donald Trump had advanced the “white supremacy agenda” by doing so, which led to Tucker going all out on the reporter and putting her in her place.

Carlson brought to light not only that Obama and the media pretty much-made propaganda out of DACA to supposedly protect young children from deportation, but also how the act gave younger adults and older teenager immigrants access to welfare. Tucker went on to say “[Democrats] concluded that mass immigration means new and reliable voters and that means more power for them. If they need to subvert the rule of law to get that power, they will and they have.”

This only goes to describe how propaganda works (and in this case, the liberal party and media) by showing a clip of protestors shouting “no borders, no wall, f*ck deportation” can act as a channel for the liberal fanatics who are just waiting for a queue to go all out on the next thing the President acts upon and they don’t agree with.

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At the end of the day borders, laws and constitution are what the United States are built upon and a President who is willing to uphold those values isn’t the one to blame for the next big thing liberals are looking to protest on.

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