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Mexico Just Handed Trump A Huge DACA WIN!


After being bombarded by the Democrat politicians, mainstream media, as well as leftist radicals, President Trump’s decision to end DACA doesn’t seem to be all that wrong, considering that the Mexican Secretariat offered more than enough help to immigrants who would be deported back.

Mexico’s response to the ending of the DACA was to offer deported recipients scholarships, youth programs, as well as a job bank, which just proves that liberals taking shots at Donald Trump for this act, need to rethink their actions. These “wrongfully deported” individuals would be able to go back to their homes with great opportunities and abilities to support their families and if they still decide that the United States is the place they want to be, they would just have to wait in line like the rest of the folk trying to legally enter the country.

Even though no new applicants for DACA status will be accepted after Tuesday, renewals of the status would be accepted until Oct 5th for recipients whose status ends before Mar 5th.

Mexican ambassador Gerónimo Gutiérrez has been instructed by his government to promote discussion in the Congress to find and push a legislative action and solution to the issue as soon as possible so that the populous affected by DACA can have a prompt solution.

To conclude, the Mexican Government has said they will welcome with open arms any “DREAMers” who decide to return to their country, as 68% of undocumented immigrants in the US, who are eligible for DACA, are Mexican. The largest consular network in the world who made sure that anyone saying President’s Trump decision to end DACA was wrong, should think again, as the country offers countless benefits to their people who decide to return home. So, the narrative that these poor, poor people will be shuffled back to doom could not be further from the truth.

Trump wins.

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