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Breaking: Huge Movement in Trump Poll Numbers

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We all know the mainstream Media is always looking to bombard Donald Trump with endless negative articles, accusations and all sorts of unfavorable coverage. Despite all of it, however, the president’s approval ratings are higher than they have ever been.

The Rasmussen Reports poll (which had been used before in August to determine people’s favourability of President Trump – 41 percent approval rate at the time), has now published their new report which tells 46 percent of the American people approve the president’s work. Not only that but 29 percent of people strongly stand behind Trump’s decisions and think he has been performing excellently at his job.

These poll results are most likely a reflection of the work the president did the past few weeks to handle the devastating and disastrous outcomes of Hurricane Harvey, and the preparations to handle the relief and aid for people who would suffer from Hurricane Irma the next few days. While Liberals stay focused on the trivial issues, Donald Trump stays focused on what is most important at the time of crisis.

Following an answer which shut the mouths of all journalists asking questions at the time by saying that the administration and his teams are focused on lives, not money, the president made it crystal clear that he is the GUY when it comes down to handling critical situations, and his team is just as good at tackling any disaster or emergency.

Another reason for the good numbers from the poll is him handling of the hostility from North Korea by saying that he hopes it would not come down to using force or aggressive measures but the United States would not tolerate this tone for much longer.

The president’s approval rating will most likely keep going up as long as he stands true to his ideas to build a border wall and destroy the Islamic State while creating more jobs and growing the economy back home, once again, putting America first.

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