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ALERT: Kids Who Like Ice Cream May Be Targets Of Abduction


To most of the common people, pedophilia is basically the worst and nefarious crime there is. And with the current growth rates and spread of social media, pedophiles are getting more and more creative to lure youngsters to their claws.

A recent article in the U.K. Mirror reports that one the most notorious recent schemes conducted by the sickos consists of posing as a child on social media and using, for account names, child friendly objects or interests. The Irish Mirror reported a pedophile using an account named as one of the roads outside of a school to reach around 400 girl teenagers to accept his friend request on Facebook. Other objects or themes include posing as ice-cream or even chicken nuggets, just to get the youngsters to accept the friend requests, so that the perverts could get to their personal photos.

There have not been any reports of kidnappings in any of those cases. Yet. That we know of. The sick people would just gather photos from schools, sleepovers and dance gatherings. However, it does not seem too far into the future, the day one of these awful people to get a bit braver and go for that grab and go.

In these Social Media dominated times, it is crucial that the giants in the field, like Facebook, Twitter etc. take more precautions and work towards minimizing these kinds of potential threats with their own methods, but parents need to be diligent and alert as to what their children are doing on social media. We can all see the potential here. And it’s not good.

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